Transfer Files Faster, Easier and More Affordably - Anywhere in the World

Move 1TB to 100TBs or more per day and achieve the fastest data transfer speeds available to and from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Wasabi Clouds.

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Easy Drag-and-Drop Interface

While your specizlied IT resources are rearchitecting compute infrastructure, setting up security and moving workflows, less skilled IT staff can use Pixspan's software to transfer your data at top speeds. If you have Terabytes to Petabytes of data, this could take time. Start moving your data NOW to the Cloud. Reduce transfer times and and make it as simple as possible with Pixspan. 


PixMover is always less expensive when transferring 1TB+ per day. (At a usage of 5 TB/day, customers estimate that Pixspan saves them $40K-$140K/month vs. alternative solutions.)